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Klever Platform




By clicking, “I Accept,” below, or by downloading, installing, or using this Zero Limits Limited d/b/a Klever (“Klever”)  technology and service (the “Beta Services”), you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Platform Beta Agreement (this “Beta Agreement”). Any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and any other terms or conditions referenced or incorporated herein, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.


1.Incorporation of Terms. In addition to this Beta Agreement, the Services are subject to the Klever Terms of Service and the Klever Privacy Policy (collectively, “Supplemental Klever Terms”). In the event of a conflict between this Beta Agreement and the Supplemental Klever Terms, the Supplemental Klever Terms shall prevail. WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE SECTIONS ENTITLED WARRANTIES, DISCLAIMER, NO LIABILITY FOR USER CONTENT, INDEMNIFICATION, LIMITATION OF LIABILITY, AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION; ARBITRATION AGREEMENT; NO CLASS-ACTION SHALL APPLY TO THIS BETA AGREEMENT.

2.Platform Beta Program. We are currently running a Platform Beta where you will be able to compete against other purchasers using the Klever Services to buy listed products. Klever is not a traditional auctioneer. We sell products using a bidding process at below retail rates.

(a) Bidding Features. We are continually improving our Services and our offerings. This includes updating our bidding process to make it more engaging for you. You may see that the bidding will increase or decrease in speed, or the number of bids for a given product, or other features of the Services.

You are solely responsible for determining how much you think an item is worth. If you are the winning bidder, you are not obligated to purchase the product until you confirm you want to purchase the item at the specified price.  

3.Beta Version/No Warranty.  You acknowledge and agree that you are participating in any beta versions of the Services, you acknowledge that: (i) the Services are in beta form and may not operate properly or be fully functional, and may contain errors, design flaws or other problems; (ii) use of the Services may result in unexpected results, corruption, or loss of data, information, content or communications, or other unpredictable damage or loss; and (iii) Company has no obligation to release a final version of the Services. You assume all risk arising from use of the beta Services, including the risk of corruption or loss of data, information or content.

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